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Soft Decoration

Interior decoration project starts with a Design Concept, which encompasses the following:

  1. The Brief: key to the success of any project is ensuring that the new design is an authentic reflection of client requirements and aspirations. Location, context and personal taste are all taken into account as well as budget, timescales and any particular structural requirements.

  2. Presentation of Inspirational Photos: before moving to design, we will present a series of inspirational photos to convey the look and feel of how we will be interpreting the brief.

  3. Mood Board: a mood board which includes color scheme, materials and textures will also be presented.


This is a very collaborative stage and clients are invited to give as much feedback as possible to ensure all understand the design concept.


Before progressing to creating a detailed design, a proposal will be sent to the client at this point. This proposal will outline the brief, as it has been understood, together with an estimated budget for the project and the associated design fee.


Once the Design Concept is agreed, and the proposal accepted, we progress to Detailed Design. At this stage, we develop the design to a much more detailed level, and tackle the various aspects which need to combine effectively in order to achieve a harmonious yet functional space. These include but are not necessarily limited to:

Color Consultation: using the mood board, we will work with you to establish a more detailed color scheme across the entirety of the project

Texture: frequently overlooked in interior design, texture (including home textiles, tiles, flooring, furniture, materials, etc.) provides a supporting role to the function of a space as well as it’s atmosphere, therefore, vital to a design’s success.

Furniture selection: we will help you to think holistically about furniture across the entire project; sourcing and matching the largest pieces of furniture with the smallest, working in your existing furniture, if required, as well as the option of using custom made furniture.

Lighting: this has a very important effect on the whole atmosphere of the home. In addition to creating a lighting scheme to create the desired mood for each room, we will also assist you in selecting the right lighting fixtures and lights to match the furniture and the color scheme

Artworks: the selection of artworks is an important and often neglected part of the design work. We will assist you select artworks to complement the color and the texture scheme and place them so that the overall effect is that they were especially created for their location.

Once the final finishes, furniture, artworks and accessories have been approved by the client, a fully itemized breakdown of costs will be presented in line with the agreed upon budget. 


The final stage is the Realization of the Design. Once the design has been agreed at a detailed level a schedule of works will be outlined and agreed. With all onsite requirements met, works will commence. We will coordinate the project and attend regular site meetings to ensure that the design is being realized to the exact specifications and that the project is progressing as planned.  This includes a service to ensure any snagging is completed after the works have finished.

Photography by Jo-Ann Richards

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